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Automating existing machine tools – do I always need to buy new ones?

May 12th at 12PM EDT (UTC-4)

Automating existing machine tools is no myth or scifi dream but a practice that Fastems has been doing for years with clear bottom line: there are plenty of situations where automating your current machine tools pays off and there are ways to navigate through the necessary technical landscape around machine tool interfacing, table or chuck access and safety.
We are focusing on the context of 4 and 5 axis milling machines or turning machines, including turning centers while covering:
  • WHAT kind of automation options are there available for automating existing machine tools and what kind of production situations apply?
  • WHY are manufacturers doing this – what are the reasons and the benefits involved?
  • HOW to work things out in practice and succeed in the project?
With the help of practical examples, our goal is to help you to understand the opportunity around existing machine tool automation and if this could be a solution for your shop floor challenges!

Event details

Date: Wednesday May 12th 2021
Time: 12PM EDT (UTC-4)
Duration: 50 minutes (35min presentation + 15min Q&A)
Language: English


Leigh Tricklebank, Sales Manager at Fastems
Leigh has for 25 years made a career within the machine tool industries, and supported customers in 26 countries with one constant mantra… ‘’lets make things better’’.
Mikko Tuomaala, Marketing Director at Fastems
Mikko has led Fastems’ dynamic marketing team since late 2019, and at his core is passionate to understand customer needs and thereon direct Fastems to deliver world class solutions.

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